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Mama's Tips for Travel Packing

by erinann 11. November 2009 11:34

Before you go on your next trip take Mama's advice on what to take with you!


1. Bandaids- all that walking around foreign cities or DisneyWorld is going to give you a blister. What? You plan to spend your whole vacation relaxing in a beach chair? You're still going to need a bandaid for when you step on a sharp sea shell.


2. Extra toothbrush- for when you drop your regular toothbrush in the hotel toilet. 


3. Calling card- for when you go all Kenny Chesney on us and throw your cell phone in the ocean. You're going to need a calling card to call Mama and ask for more money.


4. Sunglasses- Mama loves to look at your baby blues, but when you're traveling sunglasses not only protect you from the sun, they hide that confused look on your face when you get lost. 


5. Batteries- have you ever tried to buy double A batteries in a tourist town? Highway robbery! Their mama's must be so disappointed in them!


6. Extra change of underwear- don't make Mama explain this one. Just do it.


7. Umbrella- Mama has been telling you this since your first day of kindergarten. Always take an umbrella in case it rains!


8. Prescription medications- Make sure you take your prescriptions with you in their pharmacy containers, and not a pill dispenser. Mama doesn't want to have to come bail you out of jail when Customs books you for drug smuggling!


9. Extra shoes- One pair of walking shoes, one pair of dress up shoes, one pair for the rain, and one pair to match that smashing new outfit you want to take along!


10. Mama- Take your Mama with you everywhere you go! Mama knows travel best!

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