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Top Ten Reasons to go to the Caribbean

by erin 30. September 2009 10:55
10. Right now you are sitting at a desk staring at a computer. Go to the Caribbean and you could be staring at this-

9. Bathing suits are on clearance sales right now!

8. In Salt Lake City, Utah today it is 77 degrees, overcast, and rainy. In Kingston Jamaica it is a perfect 88 degrees and sunny.

7. Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya, to Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama... (Because this song is now stuck in your head.)

6. Because there's only one way to get a picture like this- (parasailing) parasailing

5. You can make the neighbors jealous with your late in the year tan!

4. The best seafood is caught late in the season!

3. You could be playing pirate in the Caribbean.

2. Rum tastes better on the beach.

1. Flights from major airports to the Caribbean are under $200 and you want me to give you more reasons?? Get up! Get going! These deals don't last foreve

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