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Exotic Street Foods

by erin 28. September 2009 10:52

Street food isn't just for niche travelers. The days of travelers "tasting" a destination only by dining at its best restaurants are slowly on decline and street food is getting its popularity. Trying the local cuisine from street vendors and small shops has become the only way to go to "eat like the locals."

Pie Floater in Australia

Pie Floater

Australia has long been known on the travel circuit as “Land of Kangaroos”. However, once in Australia besides the Kangaroos one thing that you would see enough is Pie Floater. The dish consists of the traditional Australian style meat pie sitting, usually inverted, in a plate of thick green pea soup. It is typically covered with tomato sauce and, although subject to the taste of the individual consumer, mint sauce and salt and pepper are also traditionally added to complement the dish.

Panipuri in India


Panipuri also known as Gol Gappa is a popular street snack in the Indian subcontinent. It comprises a round, hollow "puri", fried crisp and filled with a watery mixture of tamarind, chili, spices, potato, onion and chickpeas. Its size is small enough to fit in the mouth. Typically, panipuris are served in 5–8 quantities, constituting a "plate". Traditionally, panipuris are eaten by placing the entire puri into the mouth in one go and biting into it. This releases a barrage of different tastes.

Doner Kebab in Turkey

Doner Kebab Sandwich

Doner kebab is a Turkish dish made of lamb meat cooked on a vertical spit and sliced off to order. The meat used for Doner in Turkey is mostly lamb, but nowadays chicken and sometimes even fish can be used. The more common and authentic method is to stack marinated slices of lean lamb meat onto a vertical skewer in the shape of an inverted cone. The meat is cooked by charcoal, wood, electric, or gas burners. The Doner stack is topped with fat that drips along the meat stack when heated.

Remember eating like a local is a genuine adventure and purest form of cultural respect for the country you visiting.

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