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Exploring the Spiritual Centers of India

by erinann 22. October 2009 13:11

  Exploring the Spiritual Centers of India

The new age technology has given us many things to make our life easier but with that it has also increased the stress levels. Spirituality is a perfect way to get away from the stress and reconnect with your true self. Spiritualism has always been synonymous with India.


Known as the Gateway to the Gods, Haridwar is considered one of the seven holiest places according to Hindus, as the Gods are said to have left their footprints there. Haridwar has very rich ancient religious and cultural heritage. This city is well known for the holy river Ganges. In case you are visiting this place a definite must see is Chandi Devi Temple on top of the mountain which offers wonderful view to the city.


Located in the laps of lower Himalayas, Rishikesh is surrounded by scenic beauty of the hills on three sides with Holy Ganga flowing through it. The whole place is considered to be sacred as it is believed that meditation at this place leads to attainment of salvation. There are many temples-some ancient, some new along the river Ganges. Rishikesh is also famous for ashrams teaching Yoga. Even the Beatles were mesmerized by the beauty of the place when they came to visit their guru in 60’s.


Varanasi or popularly known as Benares is a historical city in northern India. The city is sacred to Hindus and also one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. You are sure to be enthralled by the scene of pilgrims doing their devotions in the River Ganges at sunrise. The city set against the back drop of the centuries old temples is probably one of the most impressive sights in the world and a definite must see in case of trip to India.



The city which derives its name from the name of the pool around the Golden Temple means ‘Holy Pool of nectar” is the spiritual and cultural center of the Sikh religion. A must visit while on trip to this city is the Golden Temple. The city is now a major pilgrimage and tourism center. 

Bodh Gaya:



Bodh Gaya is the most revered of all Buddhist sacred sites. A small village in Bihar it’s the site of the Buddha’s enlightenment. Bodh Gaya is essentially a pilgrimage destination for Buddhists and all of its main attractions are related to this. Whether you're a Buddhist or not, the main thing to do in Bodh Gaya is just to absorb the vibe of the place where the Buddha attained awakening.

It’s definitely worth visiting these religious centers providing the masses with soothing and therapeutic balm to de-stress.

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