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Healthy food tips while traveling

by Admin 22. May 2009 00:36

No queasiness, just feel healthy whenever you travel.

Travelling always brings with itself hazards, food safety and proper hygiene. One of the biggest worries is “Is the food safe to eat or will it make me ill?”  Most frequent cause, by far, is poor food hygiene and contaminated water. Always prepare yourself for all possibilities as prevention is better than cure.

Avoiding is one of the key places to begin. Stay away from eating raw or undercooked meat, and be extra cautious of seafood. Be wary of poorly cooked cream sauces and unpasteurized dairy products. Wash fresh fruit, even if served at a restaurant. Buy from stores instead of street vendors, as they sometimes rebottle tap water to pass it off as genuine. Alcoholic beverages, carbonated soft drinks, and properly boiled teas and coffees should be safe as well. Make sure to check out reports or blogs from people who have had experience vacationing in your destination as local hygiene and food preparation standards vary from country to country. Don’t just assume that local restaurants will be overly cautious about food preparations. If you have the slightest doubt, go somewhere else; it is not worth taking the risk.

Most hostels have appropriate filtering water systems in place. If that is not the case; you may have to resort to using bottled water only, even for brushing your teeth. For hand washing, always use antibacterial wipes, so bring a supply and clean your hands before handling any food.

Sometimes too much cleanliness is harmful. The problem is simply that we aren’t used to purifying agents and chemicals used by other countries. Even clean drinking water will cause illness and discomfort. For example, Egyptian water, has a reputation for causing stomach cramps and diarrhoea. The main cause is usually not bacteria, but how the water is treated. However, over time the body can acclimatize to it easily. Good water filters can help reduce these chemical compounds, so consider taking one. Sticking to bottled water is the best way to reduce the chances of being affected.

Finally, a word on medications. Nausea is often a side effect of vaccinations taken to combat common illnesses in certain countries, so consult your doctor on which inoculations that are absolutely needed. Malaria shots are infamous for making travellers feel unwell. As always, good research can prevent unnecessary hassle and headaches.

Stomach cramps and nausea can make a memorable vacation into a nightmare, so follow this advice to stay healthy and happy on your journeys.

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