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Super Slimming Tips While on Vacation by TripMama

by Admin 22. May 2009 00:40

Stay/Remain fit-even while vacationing

Don’t we all know the feeling about looking good on a vacation? Exercising, counting the calories just so you look in great shape for the beach. Instead, you spend your entire holiday eating high calorie meals and lying poolside while last night’s cocktails take up residence around your waist. You may come back from such a trip feeling extremely depressed, and longing to leave for those vacation shores once again. Nutritionists say that most of us will add two pounds for each trip and will likely not shift the weight once it’s there.

Alcoholic drinks are a source of a lot of calories as being a regular staple on many holiday trips. Cocktails are the biggest culprit; many of them contain cream or other high-sugar mixers. A great way of keeping the calories down is to drink lots of water with any alcoholic beverage. It keep your appetite in control and adds a bonus of keeping you hydrated, a tried and tested way of keeping hangovers at bay.

When eating out, you’ll often be given appetizers. Sample everything taste but in little amounts. Simple tricks like keeping sauces separate and only using what you need to enjoy the meal, going for the grilled meat instead of fried, or trying local fruit or sorbets instead of heavy, rich desserts can keep those extra pounds off. Eat smaller portions by sharing items with other traveller in your party.

What really steals the show is the sudden lack of exercise. Ironically, it is the return home that is blamed for the depression, rather than the lax vacation, which is usually claimed to have made them feel great. You don’t need to keep up with all of your fitness goals and plans. A lighter regime can still keep you fit and energized, and is a great way to feel good about trying all the delicious food on offer. Hike up to all those amazing views, making them that much more rewarding. There are deep, blue seas for swimming, skiing, rafting, climbing, cycling; the list is endless. Hotels often have a fitness area of pool, giving you the opportunity to start the morning with a healthy burst that keeps you energized all day.

With these tips you should feel confident and positive about enjoying your holiday without worrying about how to lose those extra pounds.

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