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Mama's Tips for Traveling with the Girls

by erinann 4. November 2009 06:46

If you have a girls' trip in your future, it is time to sit down and listen to Mama's advice.

Mama's Rules for the Girls


Be smart- don't spend someone else's money!

Set a budget for the group. Everyone needs to agree how much they are going to be willing to spend. You don't know what your friend's credit card limit is, so don't push them to spend money they don't have. Nothing kills a good time like a declined credit card. 


Learn to share the mirror!

You've known your girls forever. You know your BFF doesn't wake up looking like that in the morning. So don't get mad when she hogs the bathroom mirror and leaves you with nothing but cold water in the shower. Consider waking up before her to shower and put your face on, rather than risk running late because her hair just isn't what it used to be. 


Take a cue from the Boy Scouts- be prepared!

You plan, you dream, you execute, and then the proverbial poop hits the fan. Be prepared for everything and anything to happen. Don't get upset when it does. Pack extra pantyhose for when you get a run, pack some spanx in case you meet a man, and pack earplugs in case your BFF snores. Trust Mama, she's been there. 


Alone time!

Sure you planned a girls' trip.  Sure the whole point is to do things together. But before you go all Tyra on each other, plan a few hours to yourself. We all agree that you are a lot more interesting and fun when you aren't annoyed by the girlfriend who has to take twenty trips to the loo on a three hour car trip.


Compromise and don't expect to get what you want!

Everyone has a different idea of fun. But you know you all agreed that all that mattered was spending time with your girls, and not what you were doing.  Remember that we can't all get what we want all of the time. Enjoy each other, and forget about it when they forget that you really wanted to stop at that last gas station to buy more salt water taffy. Its just taffy. You'll get over it. 


Drink like a lady!

Don't make Mama come down there and tell you how rude you can get when you drink too much! And you don't really think your girlfriends are capable of carrying your drunk, passed out sorry butt up to the hotel room while wearing those heels and fake nails do you?? I mean really, you know them better than that!


Laugh and have fun!

If you aren't smiling, you aren't doing it right. The whole point of a girls' trip is to make new smile lines. Earn them and flaunt them! (Mama will share her wrinkle removing tips later.)



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