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My Trip to Tobago

by erin 12. August 2009 07:41


When I first visited Trinidad & Tobago a lot of people kept askingme if I had been to Tobago as yet and it wasn’t until my third trip toTrinidad did I get the chance to visit the other island part of TheRepublic of Trinidad & Tobago. Located just 6 miles off the coastof Venezuela TnT (as it is sometime referred to) is a beautiful countryfilled with diverse culture, foods and music. Known all over the worldfor their famous Carnival festivities I can truly say after visitingTobago there is more to Trinidad than just Carnival.

You have the option of either flying to Tobago from Trinidad, whichis roughly a 20min flight or taking the ferry. There is an expressferry about a 2.5 hr ride or the regular which can last up to 6 hours.My friend told me it was a must that I get the experience of the ferryride and of course we took the express. I was warned however that if Ihad an issue with sea sickness that I might want to pop a motion pillto be comfortable. Well, I had only been on a boat once in my life anddidn’t have a problem then so no need to take any pills for this ride.The ferry was one of those boats where you can put your car on it whichmany locals will do so they can get around when they reach Tobago. Itwas nice, comfortable seats, lounge area, bars and all. The ride wassmooth as we left the Gulf of Paria, and then when we crossed thechannel to the Atlantic Ocean, WOW, you could feel the difference. Thewaves were rough that day and you could feel it, the boat had a lot ofup and down movements and even though it didn’t affect me I could seehow people get sea sick.

2.5 hours later we reached the island of Tobago and it was abeautiful day. I couldn’t wait to see what my friend had in store forus. All I knew was that it was going to be adventurous. While waitingto depart from the boat I could some people couldn’t handle the boatride because they were literally blue in the face. We first visited oneof 7 forts located on the island of Tobago. Fort King George inScarborough Tobago had such a beautiful view it was honestly hard toread up on the historical facts about it. I have never seen anything sobeautiful before. The water was so blue and the landscape at the fortwas spectacular. So many different colors in that area from theflowers, trees, grass and I just couldn’t take my eyes off the water.It was so peaceful up in the fort I just wanted to stay there the restof the day overlooking the city. Unfortunately, after almost two hoursat the fort it was time to leave. My friend said we had to go to theother side of the island so we could take a tour on the glass bottomboats. Again, something I never experienced and had no idea what toexpect.


We took a taxi from the north end of the island to the south to StoreBay beach. I met up with some more people who also wanted to take atour on one of the glass bottom boats. Standing on the beach we sawthese boats docked not too far off the beach line and my friend pointedout to me that those were the glass bottom boats. The tour guides willcome on the beach looking for people to take the tours, so we allpurchased a ticket for the ride and the tour guide told us to meet himon the beach in about 20 min. I was excited because it was such a nicesunny day and even on this side of the island the water was so blue. Myfriends and I took more pics while we waited on the tour guide; thispart of the island is near the airport and major resorts, guest housesand condos. We walked back to the beach because it was time for us tohead out on the boat. This is where it was a little confusing for me asa first timer. My friend said we would have to get in the water toreach the boat because there weren’t any docks around, but being as howI can’t really swim I was a little skeptical about walking out to theboats. The tour guide said he would bring in the boat as far as hecould but even so we still have to go in the water a good distance toboard. My cousins laughed at me and yes, call me chicken, but I can’tswim so going to the beach for me includes going as far as getting myfeet wet. When the boat was finally full we were on our way. The tourguide took us to Buccoo Reef and the Nylon Pool. Bucco Reef is aprotected marine park off the coast and would be a dream to anyone whoenjoys snorkeling because of all the beautiful colors and sites.


Then we headed to the Nylon Pool and before we even reached themiddle of it I was blown away. I could see we were heading outside ofthe reefs and almost like a different world. I thought what Iexperienced from the top of the fort was amazing. The Nylon Pool is ashallow white sand area behind Buccoo Reef. This area from what thetour guide told us is like a lagoon, basically like a swimming pool inthe middle of the ocean. Crystal clear water and the whitest sand I’veever seen. If the picture isn’t enough then I suggest you take a tripto Tobago because words cannot describe what you see when you’re there.The tour guide told us a story about those who actually get in thewater and bath in the Nylon Pool have good luck and feel rejuvenated,sort of like a healing power to the waters. Then he told everyone if wewanted to go in we could, we didn’t waste anytime. The fact that Icouldn’t even swim was the last thing on my mind because I was gettingin. The water, even though I could see directly to the bottom was a bitdeep but I didn’t care I had to get in. Some of the tourist wererubbing there skin with the sand as if they really were taking a bath.It was funny. We spent about 20min out there in the water just takingin the view. I didn’t want to leave, it was so nice but I was so gladto experience that because the Nylon Pool is definitely something youdon’t see living in the U.S.

The trip was just amazing and since visiting Tobago I’ve made it mymission to tell anyone looking for a unique place to visit to headsouth, the furthest island south in the Caribbean and go to Trinidad& Tobago.



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