About Us
Tripmama is a Travel Comparison Site designed for the informed, savvy and discerning consumer. With the advent of sequential Airfare, Hotel and Car Rental Comparison Engines, the Founders of TripMama envisioned a platform which will provide the educated consumer with a wide variety of search options, targeted and filtered content and a stage for voicing opinions on any travel category. The plan was to bring in high quality content from the top OTA’s and Meta Search engines combined with clean and crisp layout for simple, user friendly navigation.

“This was accomplished with utilizing open source software to create simple but powerful search tools and travel forums with straightforward navigational elements” says Nadir Syed Ali, Founder and Director of Business Development.

TripMama was bootstrapped through personal and angel financing with extremely low overheads during launch. The key to success is the lean and mean infrastructure and effective utilization of shoe string budgets. The aim is to keep things simple, user friendly and effective.

“The repeat customer is our main objective. We feel that by providing innovative technology and use of open source software, we have achieved significant solutions to the timeless quest for finding the best travel deals” said Satya Kumar, Founder and Technology Architect.

The value proposition to the advertiser is that TripMama.com attracts highly targeted users in the final stages of research, ready to act on completing the purchase. TripMama’s marketing team utilizes latest trends and proprietary techniques in online marketing strategies to foster a sizeable, targeted customer base to ensure strong conversions.

Travel Forums provide stickiness needed for the advertisers and a stage for voicing opinions for the users and consumers of travel. Five experienced travel editors monitor and mediate the forums to ensure balance between user views and content quality. Receive the best fares, top travel deals and more by simply signing up for our Newsletter.

When asked what separates TripMama from other fare compare websites, Nadir had this to say, “TripMama.com will deliver the ultimate one-click experience for travelers and deal seekers alike.”

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